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2125. Nancy Lee Meader (1946 - )
Born: 1946

2125. Nancy Lee Meader (1946 - )

Nancy Lee Meader, daughter of Harold A. Meader (1902-1964) [0513] and Arlene White (b.1914), was born July 30, 1946 in Waterville. She married Albert Packard of Manchester, New Hampshire. She, her mother and her brother all later lived in Manchester. According to one source, she later became a nun in New Hampshire.

The children of Nancy Meader and Albert Packard were:

i. David Robert Packard, born November 13, 1975.
ii. Lynn Anne Packard, born June 4, 1977.

Lynn's middle name is misspelled in her listing here. Her full name should read: Lynn Anne Packard
- David Packard, Son of Nancy Lee Meader, typing this in person.
(2010-12-04 02:30:03 David Packard)
Nancy's husband, Albert E. Packard Jr., was born in Lawrence Massachusetts, in 1943.
- David Packard, son of Nancy Lee Meader, typing in person.
(2010-12-04 02:34:45 David Packard)
Nancy joined the Nuns then left the order,, then she married and had David and Lynn
- Robert H Meader brother of Nancy Lee Meader
(2011-08-06 20:11:18 Robert H. Meader)