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2091. George Ellsworth Meader (1962 - ) Gender: M
Born: 1962

2091. George Ellsworth Meader (1962 - )
George Ellsworth Meader, son of Horace Meader (b.1838) [1053] and Mandana Ellis (  -  ), was born September 28, 1862 in Hardwick, VT. He married Josie (Josephine) Lance of Cabot, VT, born about 1870 daughter of Theron Lance of Cabot, VT. On March 14, 1901 she married Sidney Davis as her second husband.
The children of George Meader and Josie Lance were:

2230 i. Pearl Lance Meader, born about 1888.
2231 ii. Theron Lance Meader, born about 1890.
- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN
- Vermont VR