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2084. Hazel Emily Meader (1898 - 1948)
Born: 1898
Died: 1948

2084. Hazel Emily Meader (1898 - 1948)
Hazel Emily Meader, daughter of Valentine Meader(1860-1944) [0371] and Helena Boston (1861-1950), was born December 3, 1898 and died in 1948. She married Jasper Guptill, born in 1892 son of Andres J. Guptill and Sarah Goodrich, who died in 1980. They lived in Geneva, Switzerland [Volume V also shows that Hazel lived in Berwick].
The children of Hazel Meader and Jasper Guptill were:

i. Geneva Guptill, who married a Brockett.
ii. Stanley Guptill, who did not marry.
iii. Eleanor Guptill.
iv. Evelyn Guptill, who died in 1977.
v. Donald Guptill.
vi. Olive Guptill, who married a Lindsay.
- Vivian Meader Hale, Springfield MA

Am confused by the #2084 entry. I believe Jasper Guptill's father was Andrew Jackson Guptill, not Andres. I do not believe that Sarah Goodrich died in 1980, that would have made her well over 100 yrs old and we certainly would have known her, it was most likely late 1930's early 1940's. I have no idea who lived in Geneva, Switzerland. I am certain that my mother-in-law Geneva Guptil Brackett's parents Hazel Meader and Jasper Guptill never lived in Switzerland.
(2012-04-24 18:10:05 Diane Brackett)
Geneva Guptill was married to Switzer Brackett. Diane Brackett
(2012-04-24 19:12:58 Diane Brackett)
Hi, My name is David Blair and my mother was Evelyn Blair. She was married to Richard Blair. I live in Los Angeles. I have never heard of Vivian Meader Hale. I believe Stanley Guptill passed away in 2007. Geneva Guptill died in 2011.
(2014-08-05 15:53:14 David Blair)
Bruce C. Lindsay, Jr. – My great grandfather’s name was Andrew Jackson Guptill. Sarah Goodrich died in 1940. Geneva Guptill married Switzer Brackett. I concur that Hazel Meader and Jasper Guptill never lived in Switzerland. Jasper Guptill was in Maine when he died. Stanley Guptill never married. Eleanor Guptill married Billy Hayes. Evelyn Guptill – concur with David Blair’s comment. Donald Guptill married Ida Merrill (not sure of her maiden name). Olive E. Guptill married my father, Bruce C. Lindsay in 1948. She died in 2001.
- Bruce C. Lindsay, Jr. – bl061150 (at) email on Oct 19, 2020
(2020-10-19 15:42:04 Glenn Meader)