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1965. Helen Mae Meader (1896 - 1947) Gender: F
Born: 1896
Died: 1947

1965. Helen Mae Meader (1896 - 1947)
Helen Mae Meader, daughter of Wilbur P. Meader (1874-1947) [0363] and Mary Driscoll (1873-1908), was born in Center Conway, NH February 28, 1896 and died May 28, 1917. She was buried in the Meader family lot in Center Conway.
For some unknown reason her birth certificate bears the name Blanche B., but no one in the family ever knew her by that name. As a child she was known as Nellie Mae, but she detested the name and changed it when she was old enough. She was 12 when her mother died, and she was moved to several homes until she met a newspaper cartoonist who took her to Lynn, MA to help take care of his children. She stayed with them until she was 16 or 17 years old, when she met and married William P. Elwell. She was a homemaker for a while and then learned the shoe business and was a shoe stitcher most of her life.
She was a great humanitarian. Her home was always open to the less fortunate. She cared for many sick and underprivileged people. It was her belief that one should share her bounty with others.
The children of Helen Meader and William Elwell were

i. Chester William Elwell, born in 1913 in Cliftondale, MA and died that year.
ii. Helen Elaine Elwell, born December 11, 1915 in Cliftondale.
She married:

1) William Fraser February 17, 1934 in Nashua, NH. They had five children.

2) Harry Chester Eldridge October 16, 1947 in Nashua. They had two children.

iii. Hudson Clark Elwell, born November 5, 1917 in Lynn, MA. August 18, 1942 (?) he married Evelyn A. Evans. They lived in Swampscott, MA.
iv. Joan Marie Elwell, born November 1, 1933 in Lynn. February 15, 1957 she married John J. McCarthy. They lived in Lynn.