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1241. Daniel Herbert Meader (1876 - 1955) Gender: M
Born: January 1, 1875
Died: June 25, 1955

1241. Daniel Herbert Meader (1876 - 1955)

Daniel Herbert Meader, son of Edgar Weed Meader (1846-1936) [0304] and Cornelia Elliott Taber (1853-1942), was born January 1, 1875 and died June 25, 1955.

[Note: Listing [0304] in Volume II shows him to be the son of Edgar W. Meader and Nelly Taber. An additional note in Volume V shows him to be the son of Edgar Worth Meader and Eliza Cornelia Taber, and born September 22, 1877.]

He married:

1) Eliza Dean Palmer March 10, 1897. She was the daughter of John Palmer and Marietta Smith of Monkton, VT.

The children of Daniel Meader and Eliza Palmer were:

1242 i. Gladys Isabel Meader, born June 1, 1898 and died October 8, 1984.

1243 ii. Evadne Maxine Meader, born on October 18, 1889.

[Note: An additional listing in Volume V shows the children of Daniel and Eliza as:

i. Gladys Evaline Meader.

ii. Cornelia Elizabeth Meader.

iii. Fred Edward Meader.

iv. Lydia Manetta Meader.

and showing Mary Rosco with no children. Since this listing has several citations and the additional information does not, this listing is probably more correct.]

2) Mary Abigail Roscoe May 21, 1908. She was the daughter of Edwin Wallace Roscoe and Elizabeth Roscoe of Monkton, born April 24, 1884 and died June 2, 1967.

The children of Daniel Meader and Mary Rosco were:

2810 iii. Cornelia Meader, born March 3, 1911. She did not marry.

2811 iv. Ford Meader, born July 17, 1912 and died in 1978.

1244 v. Lillian Meader, born February 22, 1916.

2812 vi. Freddie Meader, born January 23, 1947.

- Evadne M. Cox, Annapolis, MD

- Martha Roscoe Phillips, Bristol, VT

- Jacqueline Phillips, Bristol, VT

Daniel Herbert Meader

 Daniel Herbert Meader age 21

 Daniel Herbert Meader

Daniel Herbert Meader (left), Gladys Evaline Meader, Evadna Maxine Meader, Eliza Dean Palmer (First Wife to Daniel H.)