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1143. Rhea Kay Meader (1944 - )
Born: 1944

1143. Rhea Kay Meader (1944 - )
Rhea Kay Meader, daughter of Howard A. Meader (b.1918) [1113] and Thelma O'Dell (  -  ), was born at Mitchellville, IA September 24, 1944. September 25, 1965 she married Stephen Lux Murphy.
The children of Rhea Meader and Stephen Murphy were:

i. Dannette Lynn Murphy, born July 10, 1967.
ii. Mary Ann Murphy, born January 6, 1979.
- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN
- Florence Meader Frederickson, Albert Lea, MN

Rhea Kay Meader born September 24, 1944 married (spelling correction) Steven Lex Murphy (born December 11, 1945) on September 25, 1965. They had 2 children. (spelling correction) Danette Lynn and Mary Ann. Rhea Murphy died August 31, 1994 in Des Moines. She lived in Des Moines, Iowa at the time of her death. Her ashes are buried on private property in Thayer, Iowa. Deloris Meader and Florence Meader Frederickson are not immediate family members of ours. Danette Murphy married John Ragsdale and had 3 children. -Cheyenne Kay Ragsdale born January 16, 1997 -Cyrus Steven Alexander Ragsdale born November 7, 1998 -Sophia Lovin Ragsdale born July 30, 2001 She had one more son with Glen Pigman -Sebastian Andrew Pigman born August 13, 2007 Mary Ann Murphy married Zeth Allen Stammer (born January 12, 1978) on September 25, 1999.
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