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1132. Frank Hallowell Meader (1874 - 1942) Gender: M
Born: 1874
Died: 1942

1132. Frank Hallowell Meader (1874 - 1942)
Frank Hallowell Meader, son of Alonzo E. Meader (1845-1905) [1090] and Angelia Hallowell (1849-1918), was born at Boothbay, ME December 26, 1874 and died at Melrose, MA February 10, 1942. He was buried in Wyoming Cemetery. He was raised in the Boothbay area and attended the Maritime Academy, where he received his Captain's papers at 19. He had his Master Mariner papers at 21 and held a pilot's license for any port on the Atlantic seaboard. He was Master of many sailing vessels, including the schooners Catawamteak, Cora Peake and George A. McFadden. The last was shipwrecked off Cape Hatteras January 31, 1910. He and crew of 8 were rescued after floating on an improvised raft. He was also Master of the steamship Black Rock. When he was at sea, often with his wife and currently youngest child, the rest of the family stayed in Melrose with their Grandmother Elvira.
September 10, 1899 he married Florence Ames Wiggin, born February 10, 1860 in South Thomaston, ME daughter of Charles M. Wiggin and Elvira Allen Stanton and died December 6, 1937 in Melrose, MA.
The children of Frank Meader and Florence Wiggin were:

1156 i. Florence Hazel Meader, born August 7, 1901.
1155 ii. Frank H. Meader, Jr., born November 21, 1903.
iii. Ora Chester Meader, born at Rockland, ME November 9, 1905 and died aged 10 months.
2587 iv. Cora Helen Meader, born January 31, 1910 at Melrose. She married Raymond Osborne. They had two children. She was living in 1980.
2588 v. Arthur Vernon Meader, born at Rockland June 11, 1908. He died in Boston.
2589 vi. Shirley Louise Meader, born April 29, 1917.
2590 vii. Marion Vashti Meader, born February 16, 1918.
2591 viii. Kenneth Rodney Meader, born November 26, 1920 at Melrose.
- Philip A. Meader, Newburyport, MA