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0586. Helen Hudson Meader (1911 - 1982) Gender: F
Born: 1911
Died: 1982

0586. Helen Hudson Meader (1911 - 1982)
Helen Hudson Meader, daughter of Henry Hudson Meader (1875-1950) [0480] and Mattie May Bennett (1873-1955), was born June 25, 1911 in Wolfeboro, NH and died at Dover June 1, 1982. August 27, 1934 she married Howard Blanchard Sabin. He was a Chief Pharmacist's Mate in the Navy until retired for ill health in 1951. He then entered the employ of the Wolfeboro National Bank. Later he was Business Manager of the Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, from which he retired in 1973.
The children of Helen Meader and Howard Sabin changed their names to Meader-Saben [sic] in 1959:
2364 i. Mary Louise Meader-Saben, born September 26, 1936.
2365 ii. Rolfe Meader-Saben, born August 31, 1939.
- Manchester, NH Union Leader, June 4, 1982