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0499. Marion Meader (1900 - )
Born: 1900

0499. Marion Meader (1900 - )
Marion Meader, daughter of Charles Carroll Meader (1843-1930) [0393] and Etta Kessler (1881-1945), was born February 27, 1900 at Sandstone, MN. She died before 1977.
She married:

1) R. D. Reynolds.

The children of Marion Meader and R. D. Reynolds were:

i. James Reynolds. He lived in Vancouver, WA. There were no children.
ii. Margaret Etta Reynolds. She married William Britten, and they lived in Rockville, MN. She died November 29, 1976.
2) Ole Olson. They lived in Sandstone until her death. At that time he moved to Duluth to live with his daughter, Myrtle.

The children Marion Meader and Ole Olson were:
iii. Myrtle Olson, born September 20, 1924. June 29, 1943 she married Lloyd Gustafson. They lived in Duluth and had 7 children.
iv. Arnold Olson. He married Bonnie Mayfield. They lived in White Bear Lake, MN. They had children. She died December 14, 1976.
v. Edward Olson. He lived in California. There were no children.
vi. Clara Olson. She married Doc Larson, and they lived in Stillwater, MN.