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0477. Albert William Meader (1865 - ) Gender: M
Born: 1865

0477. Albert William Meader (1865 - )
Albert William Meader, son of Valentine Joshua Meader (1841-1892) [0366] and Martha Starr (b.1841), was born, probably in Toledo, OH, on February 22, 1865. He graduated from the high school in Mount Gilead, OH in 1883, learned telegraphy and soon became proficient at it. He entered the employ of the Ohio Central Railroad, first as an Agent and Telegraph Operator and then to successive positions of higher responsibility, three times in one year. His ability and integrity placed him high in the estimation of the officers of the Railroad, and in the 1890's he held a lucrative position in Toledo as Superintendent of the Company's traffic on the Great Lakes.
When he first entered service with the Railroad, he was sent to take charge temporarily of a station whose agent was away on vacation. One day he received a "Standing Order" with instructions to deliver it to the engineer of every passing train. It was to "Go slow" over a certain bridge. But one night when the passenger train came through he forgot to deliver the order. As the train started he remembered it and gave the trainman standing on the rear platform the signal to stop and delivered the order.
He went into the office to report the departure of the train, as the rules required, but instead of reporting the scheduled time of departure he honestly gave the actual time, which was a minute later. Soon he received a summons from the Superintendent who asked why the train had been detained longer than usual at that station. The boy, thinking honesty to be the best policy, gave the correct reason even though he thought it likely he would lose his place. He received a sharp but kindly lecture from the Superintendent, pointing out the importance of implicit obedience to instructions and reminding him of the fearful consequences of a moment's forgetfulness. He was told nothing more would be said about it, but he never forgot the lesson.
Not long after, he had charge of a station whose rules required display of a signal if the way was clear. The signal was operated only from inside the office, whose door could be opened only with a key. On one occasion he left the office without the key. When he heard the train whistle for the signal, he rushed for the office and was unable to enter. He knew it would be a serious matter to stop the train, so he leaped against the barred window, breaking bars and sash, entered and set the signal. He was not censured: his quick action was in his favor.
He married Mary T. Hotts of Toledo on November 20, 1888. By 1898 he had held his position as Superintendent for some years. He was a man of sober life and pure conversation, although not a church member.
The children of Albert Meader and Mary Hotts were:

2079 i. Hoyt Meader, born January 29, 1891.
2686 ii. Kent Meader, born about 1898.

He had three childen: Hoyt Breen Meader [ID 2079] William ? Meader [no ID] Valentine Kent Meader [ID 2686]
- Great Grandson; Family Bible
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