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0475. Grace Isabel Meader (1905 - )
Born: 1905

0475. Grace Isabel Meader (1905 - )
Grace Isabel Meader, daughter of Wilbur F. Meader (1874-1947) [0363] and Mary Driscoll (1873-1908), was born May 31, 1905 at Center Conway, NH. She wrote in May, 1977:
"I am a widow, 72 the last day of this month. I was a shoemaker most of my life. I am considered an artist. I paint in oils and acrylics, but have little time for it now. My brother Harold, lives with me. He has heart disease and was crippled all winter with arthritis; however, he is in very good shape at present."
She married:

1) Joseph Harold Langevin on October 10, 1923. He was born June 6, 1905 the son of Frederick Langevin and Florida Pare.

The children of Grace Meader and Joseph Langevin were:

i. Marilyn Pare Langevin, born January 10, 1925. On December 2, 1945 she married Stanley Gibbs. They lived in Nantucket, MA and had a daughter.
ii. Lorraine Frances Langevin, born April 15, 1927 in Lynn, MA. On July 2, 1945 she married Armand Joseph St. Pierre. They lived in Nashville, TN and had five children.
iii. Harold Arthur Langevin, born January 24, 1929. He became a minister.
He married:

1) Joan Cooper of Mineola, NY on January 31, 1949. They had two children.

2) Barbara Kyle of Elkins, WV on February 2, 1954. They had two children.

3) Shirley Longacre of Kansas City, MO in February, 1965. There were no children.

4) Linda Townsend of Canastota, NY on July 1, 1972. They lived in Newmarket, NH. They were divorced in 1977.

2) Harold A. Lewis on June 4, 1936.

3) Albert Arthur Camire on September 4, 1943 in Durham, NH. He was son of Leon Camire and Josephine McMullen. They lived in Newmarket, NH.