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0466. Laura Lillian Meader (1887 - 1988)
Born: 1887
Died: 1988

0466. Laura Lillian Meader (1887 - 1988)
Laura Lillian Meader, daughter of E. Rinaldo Meader (1854-1937) [0357] and Ida May Wilbur (1857-1945), was born in Quaker Springs, NY December 5, 1887 and died April 29, 1988 at Houston, aged 100 [ed: Volume V shows she died in 1908, but this must be incorrect].
She married:

1) William Josiah Esmond June 1, 1911, born December 27, 1887 and died November 20, 1918. He was a farmer in Quaker Springs.

The children Laura Meader and William Esmond were:
i. William Frederick Esmond, born in 1912. He married Martha Newlin.
ii. Ruth Ida Esmond, born in 1915. She married Eugene M. Fisher. He was a veteran of both World Wars.
iii. James Meader Esmond, born in 1916. He married Ethel Hunniston. He was a World War II veteran.
iv. Esther Meader Esmond, born in 1918. She married James S. Provo, a world War II veteran.
2) Ernest Renselier Mosher September 6, 1924, born August 17, 1892 [one source says 1890] and died October 1, 1964.

The children of Laura Meader and Ernest Mosher were:

v. Jane Addams Mosher, born in 1925. She married Curtis J. Waller, a World War II veteran.
vi. David Isaac Mosher, born in 1927. He married Elizabeth Kloss.
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