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0442. Agnes Zerelda Meader (1861 - 1952)
Born: 1861
Died: 1952

0442. Agnes Zerelda Meader (1861 - 1952)
Agnes Zerelda Meader, daughter of James Chapin Meader (1835-1914) [0330] and Susan Stubblefield (1835-1915), was born in Independence, MO January 11, 1861 and died in Silver City, NM December 13, 1952. Agnes Meader was a skilled markswoman, having killed a deer in her 89th year. In her old age an "Agnes Snider Day" was celebrated in Silver City where she lived.
She married:

1) Alfred Potter, a rancher living near Silver City. He was killed in 1883 while protecting his cattle from rustlers.

The child of Agnes Meader and Alfred Potter was:
i. Bert Meader Snider, adopted by Agnes Meader's second husband, born February 7, 1882. August 3, 1916 he married Lillian M. Garner, grand-niece of former Vice President John Nance Garner. Their children were:
1. Bert Meader Snider, Jr., born February 24, 1922. He had a son, Bert Meader Snider, III, born September 25, 1946 and died October 12, 1975.
2. Mary Agnes Snider, born December 4, 1927. June 6, 1948 she married Joe E. Haymes. They had two children:
a. Michael Randolph Haymes, born February 28, 1949
b. Ronna Lynn Haymes, born December 16, 1951.
2) Solomon Snider in 1886. There were no children of this marriage.