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0368. Abby Anna Meader (1845 - ) Gender: F
Born: 1845

0368. Abby Anna Meader (1845 - )
Abby Anna Meader, daughter of Valentine Joseph Meader (1819-1858) [0212] and Sarah Farr (1818-1861), was born, January 8, 1844, probably in Vassalboro, ME. May 8, 1866 in Mahaska County, IA she married Isaac Newton Miles, son of Benjamin Miles and Prudent Jones and a descendant of Sir Isaac Newton on his mother's side.
After the deaths of her parents [in 1858 and 1861], Abby Meader lived with her uncle, Levi Jones, in Winthrop, ME, until 1865. Levi Jones' first wife, Cynthia, was Abby Meader's mother's sister. In 1865 Abby Meader went to Iowa with her uncle John N. and aunt Mary Meader Miller, who had been visiting in New England at the time. She remained at their home until her marriage.
Isaac Newton Miles took as his second wife Esther Bruff. In 1892 they were living in a mountain home some 30 miles from Salem, OR.
The children of Abby Meader and Isaac Miles were:

i. Prudence Miles, who in 1892 was Matron of the Indian School near Salem.
ii. Abbie Laura Miles, who in 1893 was a school teacher, engaged to Clarence I. Edwards, son of Jesse and Mary Edwards, both ministers of the Society of Friends of Newberg, Yamhill, OR.
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- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN
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