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0365. William Carey Meader (1832 - ) Gender: M
Born: 1832

0365. William Carey Meader (1832 - )
William Carey Meader, son of Joshua Field Meader (1806-1872) [0210] and Jemima Wright (1806-1897), was born in Ferrisburg, VT June 11, 1832, He was a carpenter, as was his father. He was also a minister of the Society of Friends. He wrote:
“I chose for my companion in life Lydia, daughter of Jarvis and Susanna Hoag and great-niece of Joseph Hoag of Charlotte, Vermont. Although we have been to some degree wanderers for the last fourteen years (1857-1871), our tents have been pitched in this place [Poplar Ridge, Cayuga, N.Y.].”
Since William Meader's great grandfather was the same Joseph Hoag, he and his wife were second cousins once removed.
Joshua Meader, his father, had also moved to Poplar Ridge before his death, William Meader traveled extensively in the United States, England and on the Continent in his duties with the Friends.
The children of William Meader and Lydia Hoag were:

0476 i. Edith C, Meader, born July 28, 1859.
ii. Charles B, Meader, born August 4, 1868 and died April 28, 1876. His father wrote of his child's death: "I never till then understood in its fullness the language, 'Make thee mourning, as for an only son.'" [Jeremiah 6:26.]