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0362. Carrie E. Meader (1871 - 1958) Gender: F
Born: March 3, 1871 in South Conway, NH
Died: April 16, 1958 in Malone, NY

0362. Carrie E. Meader (1871 - 1958)
Carrie E. Meader, daughter of Ebenezer H. Meader (1834-1917) [1715] and Emily Clark (1842-1915), was born in South Conway, NH March 3, 1871 and died April 16, 1958 in Malone, NY. She married Thomas F. Davis of Haverhill, MA, born February 15, 1867 and died in Haverhill December 18, 1929.
The children of Carrie Meader and Thomas Davis were:

i. Earle B. Davis, born October 21, 1896 in Haverhill. He was an accountant, partner of Burpee & Davis and for 30 years director of Beggs & Co. and general manager of the Chrome Split Division. For more than half a century he was a Mason. He married Bernice Ham, daughter of William J. Ham and Jeannette Williamson, on October 19, 1917. She was born March 15, 1896 in Haverhill. They had three children and six grandchildren.
ii. Ethelyn Mae Davis, born June 8, 1908 at Haverhill. She married a Topp and lived in Seminole, Florida.