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0336. Amos Meader (1832 - 1899)
Born: 1832
Died: 1899

0336. Amos Meader (1832 - 1899)
Amos Meader, son of Daniel B. Meader (1804-1870) [0202] and Elizabeth Minkler (1814-1839), was born in 1832, probably in the West Plattsburgh, NY area, and died there in 1899. He was an innkeeper at Meader's Corners near West Plattsburgh on the toll road between Plattsburgh and Saranac. He married Mary Tappin, born in 1835 and died in 1911.
The children of Amos Meader and Mary Tappin were:

0445 i. Ibra Amos Meader, born in 1859 and died in 1934.
ii. Minnie Maude Meader, born in 1869 and died in childhood.
Amos Meader and his wife brought up Cora Stiles, daughter of Mary Tappin's sister, who died in childbirth. Cora Stiles married Robert Meader [0448], son of Amos Meader's brother John [0339].