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0316. Henrietta Victoria Meader (1837 - )
Born: 1837

0316. Henrietta Victoria Meader (1837 - )
Henrietta Victoria Meader, daughter of John Meader (1812-1880) [0184] and Joanna Chick (1814-1851), was born November 21, 1837, probably in Gardiner, ME. She moved to Chicago with her parents in 1862. May 2, 1865 she married Charles S. Rand, born September 16, 1821 and died November 19, 1876.
Charles Rand went to Chicago from Middletown, CT, where his family had lived for several generations. His father was a lumber dealer there and left his business to his sons. His mother was a Meigs, Return Jonathan Meigs being a great-great uncle. The late ex-President Porter of Yale University was his cousin, their mothers being sisters. After Charles Rand's fathers death, while he was away in New York his brother used the firm name to endorse $60,000 for a man they thought to be perfectly trustworthy. When the man defaulted, the Rands had to pay. This so broke up the firm that Charles Rand resolved to try his fortune in the West. He went to Chicago in 1860 and became interested in the Plymouth [sic] as a teacher. Acquaintance with Henrietta Meader ended in marriage. In 1873 they purchased a home in Lombard, IL and settled down to a happy life. He left home one day in apparent health to go to his business and was carried home dead, having died on the train near Chicago.
The children of Henrietta Meader and Charles Rand were:

i. Herbert Stone Rand, born February 18, 1866 in Chicago. September 25, 1888 he married Mary Alice Claflin, born January 28, 1862. He was a lawyer in Chicago.
ii. Walter Dore Rand, born January 18, 1868 and died August 4, 1869.
iii. Grace Rand, born July 24, 1870 in Chicago. She graduated from Smith College in 1891 and was head of the mathematics department of a Chicago high school.
iv. Edward Cushing Rand, born in Chicago January 10, 1874. He was with a stationery establishment in Chicago.