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0232. Elizabeth Ann Meader (1819 - 1873) Gender: F
Born: 1819
Died: 1873

0232. Elizabeth Ann Meader (1819 - 1873)
Elizabeth Ann Meader, daughter of Isaac Meader (b.1783) [0121] and Thankful Whitney (  -  ), was born, apparently in Tamworth, Carroll, NH, May 4, 1819 [one source says 1823] and died March 10, 1873. November 5, 1842, at Lawrence, MA, she married Israel Randall Huckins of Freedom, Carroll, NH and probably related to the Charles Huckins who married Georgianna Meader, daughter of Samuel Meader [0231]. He was a stonemason, born in Freedom in 1822 and died in 1887.
The children of Elizabeth Meader and Israel Huckins were:

i. Daniel G. Huckins, born in 1843 and died in 1845.
ii. Cordelia A. Huckins, born in 1845 and died in that year.
iii. Sarah Ann Huckins, born July 30, 1850 and died September 24, 1912 in Clarence, MO. January 12, 1867 she married James Davis. They had ten children.
iv. John Huckins, of Freedom, a railroad employee. He died unmarried at Freedom about 1890.
v. Theodore Huckins, of Charlestown, MA, a leather worker. He died about 1885. March 18, 1871 he married Ella A. Savage at Charlestown. They had one child.
vi. Millard Fillmore Huckins, of Conway and Chicago, born November 21, 1856 and died about 1910. March 29, 1877 he married Lydia A. Cole. They had one child.