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0225. John Langdon Meader (1804 - 1886) Gender: M
Born: 1804
Died: 1886

0225. John Langdon Meader (1804 - 1886)
John Langdon Meader, son of Samuel Meader (1778-1847) [0116] and Eleanor Rogers (1784-1819), was born November 12, 1804 in Wolfeboro, NH and died September 4, 1886. March 17, 1831 he married Jane Arnold of Roxbury, MA. She was daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Arnold, born June 21, 1805. She was great-granddaughter, through her mother, of Sheribiah Arnold.
He inherited the farm purchased by his grandfather Ebenezer [0045] in 1770 and still retained by the family in 1890. He was host at the time of "The Centennial of the First Settlement of the Meader Family in Wolfeboro, NH” on October 18, 1870. His four children were present. The Rev. P. A. Emerson, Pastor of the Congregational Church, delivered an address, and William C. Fox read a poem. These were later published in pamphlet form.
The children of John Meader and Jane Arnold were:

0373 i. Elizabeth Jane Meader, was born November 10, 1834.
0374 ii. Samuel Arnold Meader, was born February 8, 1838 and died December 23, 1916.
1727 iii. George Henry Meader, was born January 1, 1840.
0375 iv. Joseph Thayer Meader, was born February 5, 1849.

 John L Meader stone at Lakeview Cemetary in Wolfboro, NH