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0187. Matilda Jane Meader (1834 - p.1872)
Born: 1834
Died: p.1872

0187. Matilda Jane Meader (1834 - p.1872)
Matilda Jane Meader, daughter of Elder Henry Meader (1789-1867) [0082] and Sally Young (1793-1880), was born in Gardiner, MA October 28, 1834. June 3, 1852. She married Oliver A. Smith, born April 13, 1835. They lived in Chicago. Mrs. Lillie L. Hiatt, her niece [daughter of Ezekiel Meader [0185]], said: "She is one of those good old souls that to associate with makes one feel they are made better by it." Of the seven children of Matilda Meader and Oliver Smith only two lived to adulthood and one married.
The children of Matilda Meader and Oliver Smith were:

i. Sarah Evaline Smith, born November 9, 1853 and died the 21st of that month.
ii. Ellen Victoria Smith, born August 30, 1852. December 19, 1872 she married James W. Mayhew, born April 13, 1835 and died April 1, 1876. They had seven children.
iii. Sylvia Smith, born April 1, 1857 and died the same day.
iv. George Smith, born April 6, 1858 and died the same day.
v. Mary E. Smith, born December 27, 1863. She was a schoolteacher, suffered greatly from internal troubles and underwent two severe surgical operations.
vi. Henry L. Smith, born October 21, 1865 and died April 6, 1888. "He was a cripple from childhood. The disease came upon him just as he began to walk alone. He never walked again. While his suffering was intense, he was the light and joy of his home."
vii. William R. Smith, born May 21, 1872 and died the following day.