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0129. Jonathan Meader (c.1800 - c.1850) Gender: M
Born: c.1800
Died: c.1850

0129. Jonathan Meader (c.1800 - c.1850?)
Jonathan Meader, son of Stephen Meader (1758-1819) [0048] and Rose Quimby (  -  ), was possibly born in the Durham, NH area about 1800 and appears to have died about 1850. On November 20, 1823 he married Mary Foss of Stratford, NH. After his death she moved to Charlestown, MA and lived with her eldest son.
The children of Jonathan Meader and Mary Foss were:

1571 i. John K. Meader, born about 1825. He lived in Charlestown.
ii. A daughter. She married Peter Downes and moved West.
1572 iii. Mary L. Meader. She married an Andrews and lived in Biddeford, ME.
1573 iv. Hannah Meader. She died many years before 1871.
1574 v. Joshua Meader. He married a Ranger.
1575 vi. Daniel Meader.