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0078. Christopher Pease Meader (1776 - 1814)
Born: August 3, 1776 in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard
Died: 1814 in New York City?

0078. Christopher Pease Meader (1776 - 1814)
Christopher Pease Meader, son of Francis Meader (1746-1832) [0030] and Mary Holly (b.1751), was born at Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard on August 3, 1776. In 1800 he married Elizabeth (Downs) Doyle of Philadelphia, whose son by her former husband, William Doyle, was four years old at the time. He became known as William Doyle Meader. After his mother's death in 1818, when he was 22, William Doyle Meader was apprenticed to Captain Matthews of Martha's Vineyard to be taught navigation.
Christopher Meader's family lived in Baltimore until 1810, and then they moved to New York City where, presumably, he died in 1814. His son Daniel [0179], however, wrote:
“My father was a seafaring man, a jolly and skillful sailor. For some years he was connected with a West India line in an important capacity. On the breaking out of the War of 1812 he took to privateering and subsequently to coasting in the neighborhood of Savannah, and we never heard of him afterward.”
In consequence of the separation of this family by the loss of the parents in 1814 and 1818, knowledge of them is quite limited. Christopher had been feeble for some time prior to his death.
The children of Christopher Meader and Elizabeth Doyle were:

i. Christopher, who died young.
0179 ii. Daniel Fitch Meader, born December 15, 1801 and died October 29, 1877.
1468 iii. Elizabeth Meader, who was living in 1810.
1469 iv. Mary Meader, who died in Baltimore before 1810.
1470 v. Christopher Meader, who died in Baltimore before 1810.
1471 vi. Anna Meader, who died in Baltimore before 1810.
1655 vii. Henry Meader, who was living in 1810 when his family moved to New York City.