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0076. Agnes Elizabeth Meader (1781 - 1871)
Born: 1781
Died: 1871

0076. Agnes Elizabeth Meader (1781 - 1871)
Agnes Elizabeth Meader, daughter of John Meader (1741-1808) [0028] and Mary Hoeg (  -  ), was born in London, England in 1781 and died in Melrose, MA, on September 17, 1871. She married Captain Robert H. Major of London.
Captain Major, who had previously been betrothed to Agnes Elizabeth, followed her to America to marry her. He returned alone to London and followed his vocation until his death at Trinidad on March 25, 1808. In the autumn of 1807 or the early part of 1808 Mrs. Major crossed the Atlantic to visit her London friends. Having never been reconciled to the change of countries, she decided to spend some time with relatives and rejoin her husband on his return to London. She had not been long in London when the sad tidings of her husband's (on March 25) and father's (on March 8) deaths reached her, it is said on the same day.
Mrs. Major returned to Boston and lived in the family of Mr. Park, father of Dr. Park. After she left this family we lose all trace of her for years. Her New England relatives became alienated. She was not the firstborn, but she was the eldest that lived.
She was named for her grandmother, with whom she was a great favorite, and for whom a portrait of Agnes was painted before the family came to America. During her last years she was afflicted with mental aberrations, but kind friends, including a Mrs. Coolidge of Boston, attended to her comforts and necessities, providing a suitable home and nurses. About 1858 she was located in Melrose, MA, where she died.