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0010. Daniel Meader (1698 - 1751) Gender: M
Born: November 3, 1698 in Oyster River, NH
Died: Sept or Oct 1751

0010. Daniel Meader (1698 - 1751)

Daniel Meader, son of Nathaniel Meader (1671-1704) [0004] and Eleanor Hall ( - ), was born at Oyster River November 3, 1698 and died in September or October, 1751. According to History of Durham he may first have married Elizabeth (Kirk) Libby, widow of Daniel Libby. On June 22, 1727 he married Elizabeth Allen, born February 8, 1709 the daughter of Francis Allen and Hannah Jenkins of Kittery. The couple settled in Nantucket. His uncle Joseph [0005] gave him the Oyster River farm in 1730, apparently attested in a statement:

\"For the future quiet of Daniel Meader of Durham, Joseph Meader of Nantucket and Nicholas Meader of Durham, they agreed upon a fair division of land lying upon the Piscataqua River.\"

His four youngest sons settled in Rochester, in a part thus called \"Meaderboro.\"

The children of Daniel Meader and Elizabeth Allen were:

0021 i. Lemuel Meader, born January 31, 1733 and died after 1775.

0022 ii. Benjamin Meader, born April 23, 1736 and died April 6, 1827.

1312 iii. Abigail Meader, born in 1739.

0023 iv. Nathaniel Meader, born February 23, 1741 and died May 11, 1823.

0024 v. Joseph Meader, possibly born in 1730 and died December 15, 1784. According to Daniel\'s will he may have been born before Lemuel in 1733. However, the sources list his name in this sequence.

0025 vi. Elijah Meader, born June 14, 1744 and died July 12, 1825.

0026 vii. Jonathan Meader, born September 5, 1747 and died October 5, 1825.

1313 viii. Jedediah Meader, who died young in 1751.

According to Charles Sinnett:

\"Though but a lad when his father was murdered by the Indians, he manfully helped his mother in the great tasks which were left for her to complete. He was known as one of the most trustworthy and energetic men of his time. Like many other of the best settlers of that section, he was indignant at the cruelties which were used in driving from Dover Neck the missionaries of the Friends\' Church. The true Christian spirit in which these devoted men and women met all the harsh words hurled against them, and in which they bore the wounds they had received ...appealed so strongly to Daniel Meader that he was [a leader] in helping form the Friends\' Church, whose services are still sustained in the city of Dover, NH.\"