We publish a 4 volume hard-bound genealogy entitled: John Meader of Piscataqua. It contains details of over 1500 of his descendents.

The “Red Books,” as we call them, began life as the compilations of John Joseph Meader of Providence, RI and Miss Elizabeth Meader Slocum of New Bedford, MA. This original work was expanded on by Alvin A. Meader in 1900, followed by further work and research by Robert F. W. Meader’s 1928 genealogy. The published four volume set was the compilation of Dr. Granville Meader in the early 1970’s.

The Meader genealogy information from the books and supplemental material published by the Meader Family Association in 1975 has been digitized and put into our on-line database on this website.

The Associations four published volumes of the descendants and ancestors of John Meader.



The database contains the entire contents, more than 1,500 listings, available in the published volumes and supplementary material. New information, beyond what's in the books, as well as photos and historical documents are also now in the database. A photo album feature allows you to browse photos.

Click on Meader Genealogy Database to begin. There are indexes by name, date and Meader ID number (from the books) The search box allows you to full-text search the entire contents. Each Meader has a page, with links to ancestors and descendents.

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