0021. Lemuel Meader (1733 – a.1775)

Lemuel Meader, son of Daniel Meader (1698-1751) [0010] and Elizabeth Allen (b.1709), was born January 31, 1733 on Nantucket. He served in the French an Indian Wars and was with Colonel Timothy Bedell’s Rangers when they surrendered at “The Cedars” above Montreal. He was taken prisoner with quite a large number of others. They were recovered by the American Army and taken in two boat loads. He served during the Revolution as a private in the New Hampshire Troops and is said to have died in the Army during the early Revolution.

The records [History of Durham, I, 279] showing that he married Sarah Worth in about 1757 may be incorrect. Nicholas Meader [0018], who also served in the Revolutionary War, married a Sarah Worth and named a child Sarah, which Lemuel Meader did not do.

The children of Lemuel Meader and perhaps Sarah Worth were:
0052 i. Francis Meader, born January 14, 1758 and died April 12, 1825.
0053 ii. Anne Meader, born April 9, 1759 and died June 12, 1840.
1334 iii. Miriam Meader, born March 8, 1762.
1335 iv. Abigail Meader, born January 22, 1762.
0054 v. Judith Meader, born December 13, 1765.
0055 vi. Lois Meader, born July 21, 1768.
vii. James Meader, who died May 12, 1771, aged about one year
0056 viii. Lemuel Meader, born April 12, 1771 and died May 19, 1839. He was twin to Elvira.
ix. Elvira Meader, born April 12, 1771 and died in her youth.