0018. Nicholas Meader (1712 p.1776)

Nicholas Meader, son of Nicholas Meader (c.1683-1767) [0007] and Lydia (  –   ), was born in Durham, NH October 9, 1712 and was alive in 1776, when he signed the Association [i.e., Loyalty] Test of Lee, opposing British forces [History of Durham, I, 126]. He is not, however, mentioned in his father's will of 1759. Nicholas Meader is recorded as having served in the Revolutionary War [Ibid., I, 132].

[Note: Nicholas probably did not serve in the revolution at age 63, probably it was the son of Daniel Meader[0020]].

He married Sarah Worth on February 2, 1749.

The children of Nicholas Meader and Sarah Worth were:
0047 i. David Meader, born in 1751 and died in 1838.
1325 ii. Sarah Meader, probably born about 1753.
There may have been additional children.