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2720. Harriet Meader ( - )

Harriett Miriam Meader [2720] was born on 17 Jan 1905 at Meade, South Dakota, USA and died Oct 1973 at Buffalo, Johnson County, Wyoming, United States of America. She is the daughter of Valentine Meader [1169]. Harriett had 3 siblings: 2721 - Forest Newell Meader (1906-1934) 2722 - Carol Virginia Meader (1910-1979) 2723 - Richard Lemar Meader (1910-1992) Harriett married Earl F. Buckingham (1905-1993) 2 Aug 1926 at Sidney, Nebraska. They had one daughter: Willmetta Jane Buckingham (1933-2001) born at Denver, Colorado.
- I am Richard Joseph Meader the grandson of Valentine Meader (1879-1951). Harriett is my aunt and the daughter of Valentine Meader.
(2021-06-04 15:47:35 Richard Meader)

 Harriett Miriam Meader