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2560. Everett Meader ( - )

Everett Lawrence Meader was born 27 April 1917 in West Ellsworth, Maine. He was the first son of Byron Herbert Meader, Sr. and his wife Margaret Elizabeth (Lunney) Meader. Everett graduated from the University of Maine, Orono and worked mostly in Ellsworth before me married and moved to Calais, Maine. Everett married Grave Louise McKay 10 January 1959 in Calais, Washington, Maine at her family home. Everett died on 31 January 2001 in Calais, Maine and was buried on 7 February 2001. Grace Louise McKay was born 9 September 1923 in Calais, Washington, Maine. She worked for many years at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Calais. She and Everett were avid golfers. She died 13 October 2016 and was buried 21 October 2016 in Calais along side her husband. They were never able to have children.
- Family records and information passed on to me by my late husband, Byron Herbert Meader, Jr.
(2018-07-23 13:22:59 Prudence Pease Meader)