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2559. Persis Meader ( - )

Persis Eva Meader was born 25 September 1915 and was the first child of Byron Herbert Meader, Sr and Margaret Elizabeth (Lunney) Meader. She graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary and was an ordained Methodist minister. This is where she met her husband, Ralph Herbert Kimball Jr. Persis married Ralph Herbert Kimball on June 25 1939 in Ellsworth, Maine. Persis died 5 December 1942 in Pueblo, Colorado in childbirth. She was buried in Ellsworth, Maine. Ralph Kimball was born in April 1915 in Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He died in 2008 in Virginia. Ralph was an Army Chaplain during World War II. He later became an Episcopal minister, remarried and had one child with his second wife.
- Family records and information passed on to me by my late husband, Byron Herbert Meader, Jr. who was a sibling to Persis Eva Meader.
(2018-07-23 13:10:26 Prudence Pease Meader)