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2060. Grace Meader ( - )

Grace Meader was born on 8/20/1894, and died on 03/15/1988. She married a Robert E Winslow on 06/17/1918. She had one child, a Robert E Winslow who was born on 8/19/1943 and he died on 10/17/1968. He married a Mary Heinz who was born on 03/12/1945 and is still alive. They were married on 09/06/1962, they had one child named Robert E Winslow (Me) who was born on 07/22/1963. I have in my possesion the Marrage, Social Security docuemnts, and the death certificates as well as the final resting place for Grace and her husband and son.
- Marrage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate.
(2011-03-08 13:50:06 Robert Winslow)