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1600. Ada Meader (1810 - 1848) Gender: F
Born: 1810
Died: 1848

1600. Ada Meader (1810 - 1848)
Ada Meader, daughter of Benjamin Meader (1785-1876) [0140] and Nancy Newell (1792-1867), was born in Pittstown, Maine June 18, 1810 (or March 11, 1812, or per Webster, March 11, 1811) and died October 4, 1848. She married Daniel Cushman [Volume I shows her name as Adah, and that she was married to Daniel Cushman].
The children of Ada Meader and Daniel Cashman were:

i. Melvina Cashman. She married James Knight.
ii. Ann Cushman.
iii. Maria Cushman.
iv. Llewellyn Cushman.