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1532. Huldah Hoag Meader (1811 - 1858)
Born: 1811
Died: 1858

1532. Huldah Hoag Meader (1811 - 1858)
Huldah Hoag Meader, daughter of Ezra Meader (1787-1861) [0109] and Martha Hoag (1787-1865), was born April 20, 1811 and died October 23, 1858. She was naturally of an amiable disposition. In early life she yielded herself to the influence of the Holy Spirit and early embraced the doctrine of the Friends. She was an example of plainness and consistency, faithfully discharging all her duties. For many years she was in feeble health, but she endured her sufferings with Christian resignation. For many years she was Clerk and Overseer of the Monthly Meeting and discharged all her duties faithfully. She often spoke of the change that awaited her. Her mind was clear unto the last, and she passed peacefully away.