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1123. Clarence Earl Meader (1899 - c.1975)
Born: 1899
Died: c.1975

1123. Clarence Earl Meader (1899 - c.1975)
Clarence Earl Meader, son of Ralph C. Meader (1873-1928) [1084] and Olive Martin (1877-1954), was born August 10, 1899 at Auburn, NE in the same house where his father was born. He helped out on the farm in Fairfield, NE and then at Byers, CO. After moving to Littleton, CO the family operated a small service station on Highway 85 a mile north of Littleton. Earl had a car route for the Denver POST going as far south as Sedalia and out to the west to an area later occupied by Martin-Marietta and the Johns Mansfield complexes. He did this until he could no longer get gas in World War II. Then he went to work for the Denver Water Company at their Waterton plant and was required to live there. For more than fifty years he suffered from Von Recklinghaus disease, and in the 1970s his body simply wore out in several areas and death came peacefully as a stroke or heart failure.
May 15, 1937 at Denver he married Marie Craig, born September 12, 1900. He was of the Protestant faith and she of the Catholic.
He is interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Denver.
- Donna Mae Bagby, Littleton, CO