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0389. Juliet Maria Meader (1847 - )
Born: 1847

0389. Juliet Maria Meader (1847 - )
Juliet Maria Meader, daughter of Franklin Meader (1815-1891) [0249] and Sarah Frost (1805-1833), was born September 12, 1847 in Atkinson, ME. She married Dearborn Blake, a farmer in Atkinson. She from childhood kept a diary and was called the historian of the family.
The children of Dearborn Blake and Juliet Meader were:

i. Edith Calista Blake, who married Frank Glover.
ii. Franklin Meader Blake, who married Francis Eddy.
iii. Mary Ellen Blake, twin to Gorham, born January 12, 1873.
iv. Gorham Blake, born January 12, 1873. He married Grace Turner. They had a son.