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0384. Stephen Volney Meader (1835 - 1914) Gender: M
Born: 1835
Died: 1914

0384. Stephen Volney Meader (1835 - 1914)
Stephen Volney Meader, son of Hiram Gibson Meader (1800-1872) [0244] and Phebe Hatch (1809-1866), was born April 23, 1835 in Ryegate, VT and died November 16, 1914. He was educated in the public schools of Walden, where his parents had moved in 1837. In 1859 he went to Manchester, NH, and after a few months' stay with his brother William [0383] went to New York City, where he saw the landing of the Prince of Wales. He proceeded to Philadelphia, saw the sights, and then went to Bellefonte Centre, PA, where he engaged in the manufacture of edged tools for Harvey Mann and Son. Steven first married Sarah Leighton at Danville, VT February 1, 1859, when he was 23. October 15, 1861 he married Priscilla Meyer at Spring Bank, Centre, PA and settled at Spring Creek, three miles west of Bellefonte. She was the sixth of seventeen children of Samuel Meyer and Elizabeth Behler of Spring Bank, and she died May 12, 1909. The couple were buried in the lot at North Walden.
In 1864 the couple moved to Walden and settled in the old homestead. Here he farmed, made tubs and buckets, which he sold. Later he engaged quite extensively in the manufacture of feather dusters, employing several workers. In March, 1883 he sold the Walden farm and purchased a home in Noyesville, VT [not in atlas], where he continued the manufacture of feather dusters. He was appointed Postmaster from September 1, 1886 to April 1, 1891. He was first elected Justice of the Peace in September, 1884 and in 1895 was engaged in hotel-keeping. In 1896 he was reappointed Postmaster. He also did some harness making and repairing and owned a small hall, at one time a public roller skating rink.
He married:

1) Sarah Leighton at Danville, VT on February 1, 1859.

The children of Stephen Meader and Sarah Leighton were:

i. Burley Meader, born November 13, 1859 and died January 15, 1860.
2671 ii. Burley Meader, born November 12, 1860.
2) Priscilla Meyer on October 15, 1861.

The children of Stephen Meader and Priscilla Meyer were:

0489 iii. Hiram Franklin Meader, born November 15, 1862 and died February 12, 1931.
1976 iv. George Harper Meader, born March 7, 1864.
0490 v. Cora Belle Meader, born September 3, 1865 and died August 7, 1918.
0491 vi. Artie Meyer Meader, born March 11, 1867 and died August 6, 1953.
vii. Stephen Volney Meader, Jr., born June 3, 1869 in Walden and died March 3, 1882.
0492 viii. Phoebe Maxwell Meader, born April 6, 1872 and died March 23, 1909.
0493 ix. Lucretia Lucetta Meader, born January 18, 1874 and died March 5, 1945.
0494 x. Julia Kinsman Meader, born August 1, 1877.
- Raymon Meader, Harwich Port, MA
- Deloris Meader, Bayport, MN
- Miller & Wells, 433
- Mormon Records

Stephen Volney Meader

Wife: Priscilla Moyer.Meyer Meader