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0260. Daniel Meader (1794 - ) Gender: M
Born: 1794

0260. Daniel Meader (1794 - )
Daniel Meader, son of Abraham Meader (1773-1856) [0135] and Sally Allen (b.1778), was born in Ellsworth, ME in 1794. He married Hannah Blaisdell of Orland, ME about 1815. They lived in Orland.
The children of Daniel Meader and Hannah Blaisdell were:

i. A son, died in infancy.
1839 ii. Allen Meader. He married Sarah Copp and died at age 28 [There may be some confusion. Allen Meader, brother of Daniel, also married Sarah Copp. See [0262]].
1193 iii. Alfred Meader, born about 1811.
1840 iv. Harriet Meader, who married Manuel Gasper.
1841 v. Matilda Meader, who married Ozro Saunders.
1842 vi. Daniel Meader, who married N. Saunders.
1843 vii. Caroline Meader, who married Isaac R. Higgins in 1846. They lived in Orland.
viii. A son, died in infancy.
1844 ix. William Meader.
1845 x. Leonidas Meader. He went to California in 1849.
1846 xi. Charles Meader, a carpenter. He married.
xii. A son, died in infancy.
xiii. A daughter, died in infancy.
xiv. A son, died in infancy.
One source also mentions an unnamed daughter who married Moses Copps [note spelling].