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0092. Mary Meader (1786 - 1867) Gender: F
Born: 1786
Died: 1867

0092. Mary Meader (1786 - 1867)
Mary Meader, daughter of Nicholas Meader (1754-1836) [0035] and Rachel Allen (1756-1842), was born on Nantucket July 19, 1786 and died, probably on Nantucket, July 1, 1867, just before her 81st birthday. On June 27, 1805 she married John Colesworthy, son of Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner) Colesworthy. He was a sea captain in early life but afterward became a trader on Nantucket. Mary Meader was of a poetic turn of mind.
The children of Mary Meader and John Colesworthy were:

i. Thomas M. Colesworthy, who died May 21, 1832. He married Harriet Coffin, daughter of Timri Coffin. She died in September, 1884. Thomas Colesworthy sailed as First Mate on the ship Mentor. He was shipwrecked, and he drowned attempting to leave the ship in a boat. All ten of the crew in the boat with him were also lost. James Meader [0087] was also on the Mentor at the time.
ii. William Colesworthy.
iii. Henry Colesworthy, born in 1818 and died September 2, 1876. He married Martha Barnard, daughter of Thomas Barnard, and had a grocery store on Nantucket.
iv. Edwin Colesworthy, born perhaps about 1820. He married Harriet Perkins, daughter of William Perkins. He was a farmer and lived at the Orange Street homestead.
v. John Meader Colesworthy, who died suddenly on Nantucket in September, 1893. He married Ann Smith, daughter of Moses Smith. He was a salesman for a flour and grain store in Boston. They lived in East Boston. At one time he was bookkeeper for his uncle Reuben Meader [0094].
vi. Mary Colesworthy. She married William C. Myrick, son of George Myrick.
vii. Reuben Colesworthy.