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0043. Hannah Meader (1743 - 1822) Gender: F
Born: 1743
Died: 1822

0043. Hannah Meader (1743 - 1822)
Hannah Meader, daughter of Samuel Meader (1711-a.1773) [0017] and his wife [Elizabeth or Mary], was born in Durham, NH in 1743 and died there August 12, 1822. On January 18, 1767 she married Samuel Joy of Portsmouth, born November 4, 1738 and died October 1, 1824. He was a Deacon of the Congregational Church and inherited his father's farm in the Packers Falls district.
The children of Hannah Meader and Samuel Joy were:

i. Samuel Joy.
ii. Sally Joy. She married E. Parsons.
iii. Mary Joy, who died October 10, 1810. In January, 1804 she married Valentine Smith, born May 26, 1774. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy and was first a schoolteacher, then a lawyer and surveyor. Town Clerk from 1802-1832, he went to the Legislature six years. He was Judge of the Common Pleas Court of Strafford County in 1819-1822 and Chief Justice in 1822-1825.
iv. Susannah Joy, born September 6, 1774 and died June 26, 1845. She married, as his second wife, Ebenezer Doe on January 18, 1810 and was the mother of his sixth child, Hannah Doe, born November 14, 1810.
v. Timothy Joy. He married Mary French. Their son, Ebenezer Joy, born November 30, 1812, on February 28, 1833 married Mehitable M. Doe.
vi. Ebenezer Joy. He married Mary Watson.