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0041. George Meader (1746 - p.1796) Gender: M
Born: 1746
Died: p.1796

0041. George Meader (1746 - p.1796)
George Meader, son of Joseph Meader (1719-1796) [0015] and Widow Martha Appleby (  -  ), was born, probably in Durham, NH, on September 26, 1746. Since he inherited his father's estate, he must have died after his father's death in 1796. He squandered the estate and was reduced to beggary.
He apparently married Johannah Ruck at the South Church, Portsmouth, NH, on April 15, 1769. The listings for Charity and Micah show his wife as “Peggy.”
The children of George Meader and his wife were:

1385 i. Reuben Meader.
0103 ii. Charity Meader.
0104 iii. Micah Meader.