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0038. Benjamin Meader (c.1747 - b.1790) Gender: M
Born: c.1747
Died: b.1790

0038. Benjamin Meader (c.1747 - b.1790)
Benjamin Meader, son of Nicholas Meader (1716-1755) [0013] and Ruth Wyer (  -  ), was born in Nantucket about 1747 and died some time before the 1790 Census.
He married:

1) Susan Swain, daughter of Jethro Swain and Dorcas Ryder and sister to the Benjamin Swain who married Phebe Meader [33], Benjamin Meader's cousin, on November 21, 1765. Their children must have been born by 1772.

The children of Benjamin Meader and Susan Swain were:

0099 i. Susanna Meader, born on March 12, 1766.
1363 ii. Ruth Meader. On July 17, 1788 she married David Wyer, son of John and Hepsabeth Wyer. They moved to Maine.
0100 iii. Phebe Meader, who died April 18, 1808.
[Note: According to the Nantucket records, Susan Meader, "formerly wife of Benjamin," married Joseph Cathcart, son of Hugh Cathcart and Dinah Swain, on November 16, 1772. Their child, Anna Cathcart, born in 1773 and died in 1823, married Franklin Swain. The last two were parents of Susan Swain, who married Edward Meader, son of Thomas Meader [0090]. Joseph Cathcart married Susannah Cleveland as his second wife (he her second husband) about 1783.]
2) Experience Studley.

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