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0037. Elizabeth Meader (c.1745 - a.1815) Gender: F
Born: c.1745
Died: a.1815

0037. Elizabeth Meader (c.1745 - a.1815)
Elizabeth Meader, daughter of Nicholas Meader (1716-1755) [0013] and Ruth Wyer (  -  ), was born, probably in Nantucket, about 1745.
She married:

1) George Williams, son of James Williams, on January 17, 1773.

2) Daniel Folger, Jr., who was born June 14, 1736. He had moved to Easton, New York before the Revolution, and he died there on his farm November 17, 1819, in his 84th year. According to the record, Daniel had first married Judith Worth in 1757. She died in December, 1815. Therefore Elizabeth survived 1815.

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- AAMeader, #9