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0011. Elizabeth Meader (1702 - a.1773) Gender: F
Born: 1702
Died: a.1773

0011. Elizabeth Meader (1702 - a.1773)
Elizabeth Meader, daughter of Nathaniel Meader (1671-1704) [0004] and Eleanor Hall (  -  ), was born at Oyster River on April 3, 1702. She was baptized with her brother on December 25, 1720 by the Reverend Hugh Adams. She was alive on April 21, 1774.
She married:

1) Daniel Libby, a member of the Society of Friends, on November 10, 1724.

2) Henry Tibbetts of Madbury [Durham] on January 23, 1728/9. The service was performed by the Reverend Adams at Dover Neck. Henry Tibbetts was born at Oyster River about 1702 and died there in 1766. He was a member of Captain Thomas Millett's military company in Dover in 1740. On September 1, 1734 he, his wife and Daniel Meader [10] quitclaimed on certain land in Dover that was granted to their father, Nathaniel [4].

The children of Elizabeth Meader and Henry Tibbets, all born in Durham, were:

i. Nathaniel Tibbetts.
ii. Weymouth Tibbetts. He was afflicted, and in accordance with his father's will he was to be taken care of by the estate.
iii. Lydia Tibbetts.
iv. Lois Tibbetts.
v. Daniel Tibbetts, not yet one year of age when his father made his will on March 27, 1753.
vi. Elinor Tibbetts.