1200. Keziah Meader (1709 a.1759)

Keziah Meader, daughter of Nicholas Meader (c.1683-1767) [0007] and his wife Lydia (  –  ), was born June 23, 1709 in Durham. Since she was not named in her father's will, she probably died before that time. It is believed that she married and had at least one child, probably brought up by the child's grandparents:

i. Lydia, who married Samuel Roberts June 4, 1755. In 1758 they lived in Madbury. He was probably descended from Thomas Roberts who came from London in 1633 with Edward and William Hilton and was for a term the Governor of the Colony. However, May 5, 1643 William Roberts was fined for "mending the stocks." August 6, 1650 he and others were fined for "going to the ordinary in the time of meeting on the 25th day of May last."
Stackpole & Meserve
Raymon Meader, Harwich Port, MA