1001. Hannah Meader (1710       )

Hannah Meader, daughter of Joseph Meader (1681-1759) [0005] and Charity Nason (b.1682), was born on Nantucket February 18, 1710. She married Daniel Chadwick, probably the brother of Patience's husband and son of William Chadwick, on March 23, 1731.

The children of Hannah Meader and Daniel Chadwick were:
i. Rebecca Chadwick. Her intention to marry Freeman Ellis, son of Mordecai Ellis and Margaret Swain, born on Nantucket April 6, 1733 and died there December 15, 1809, was published February 3, 1753.
ii. Elizabeth Chadwick, who also married Freeman Ellis, and who died July 18, 1800.
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