0006. Abigail Meader (1681 p.1736)

Abigail Meader, daughter of John Meader (1660-1736) [0002] and Sarah Follett (1654-1725), was born at Oyster River in 1681, possibly a twin to Joseph Meader [0005]. In 1700 she married John Davis, son of John and Mary Davis. She was alive in 1736.

The children of Abigail Meader and John Davis were:
i. John Davis, III.
ii. Joseph Davis.
iii. Nathaniel Davis.
iv. Hannah Davis.
v. Elizabeth Davis.
vi. Abigail Davis.
vii. Judith Davis.
[Note: He was probably related to the James and Joseph Davis of the Oyster River garrison [see the article on the Oyster River massacre]. Unpublished volume five indicates that John was the son of Moses Davis and Ruhamah Dow, born January 4, 1682 at Haverhill, MA and died about 1749. The children were all baptized January 28, 1721.]
Stackpole, II:94-97
Raymond F. Meader, Harwich Port, MA