0004. Nathaniel Meader (1671 – 1734)

Nathaniel Meader, son of John Meader (c.1625-c.1715) [0001] and Abigail Tuttle (1628-1674), was born at Oyster River June 14, 1671. He married Eleanor Hall, probably in 1695, and they lived at Oyster River. He was killed by Indians on April 25, 1704. His inventory was entered August 7, 1705. His [reputed] brother Joseph administered his estate. Nathaniel Hall, possibly brother to Nathaniel Meader's wife and son of Deacon John and Hannah Hail, deeded land to Nathaniel Meader November 16, 1696. Ralph Hall, a brother, was a witness. Nathaniel Hall also had a grant of land.

Further, Nicholas Follett and his wife Mary sold Nathaniel Meader all the lands of Follett's father in Oyster River. Nathaniel later sold these lands to Thomas Footman.

According to Charles Sinnett:

"He was a very enterprising farmer. Because of the many things which he did to foil the Indians in their efforts to kill the pioneer settlers and to drive them from their lands, the savages had a fierce hatred against him. It is said that great rewards were offered for anyone who took the life of this leader. It was only when he was overwhelmed by a band of enemies that his life was sacrificed. But he had inspired his neighbors with such bravery that the Indians were enraged to find them clinging more closely to their homes, when they had thought that the fall of Nathaniel Meader would help to scatter them in fear far and wide."
The children of Nathaniel Meader and Eleanor Hall were:
1303 i. Lydia Meader, born August 25, 1696.
0010 ii. Daniel Meader, born November 3, 1698 and died in 1751.
1189 iii. Nathaniel Meader, born March 8, 1700.
0011 iv. Elizabeth Meader, born April 3, 1702 and was alive April 21, 1774.
1305 v. Eleanor Meader, born June 3, 1704.